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How do I find a partner?
Simply search from our database of hungry creatives looking for partners. Once you search by discipline and location*, you can view their profiles and decide if you want to reach out, save them to your squad for later, or decide to search for someone else.

*To make sure you come up in searches, be sure to dictate your role and location in your profile. For best results choose the the closest metropolitan area to yours for location.

What is “My Squad”
Your squad is basically where you can save people whose profiles you like so you can reach out to them whenever you’re looking for someone to make ads with!
How do I message them?
We don’t have in-platform messaging (yet) but for now, you can either FB message them or sent them an email depending on the contact info they provide.
If I’m busy, can I pause my account?
You can’t officially pause it/not come up in searches but we do suggest writing if you’re currently available or not (and until what date you’ll be available/not available) so you get less messaged when you aren’t available. Plus, even if you’re busy you benefit from being added to people’s squads for later.
Why aren’t I getting any messages?
Our website community is still growing, so it will take some patience (thank you for being one of out early members!). That being said, our search function is (currently)dependent on key word search so make sure you have your role function dictated and choose the closest metropolitan location to you. Lastly, if you previously listed in your profile that you were unavailable, make sure you remove that part of your bio so people know you’re back and ready to make ads!
Is there anything else?

What, is finding a partner not enough for you? Just kidding…beyond finding a partner we’re also working on adding the following features:

  • Creative compatibility matching
  • Sample Creative Briefs
  • Contests
  • Portfolio Review Portal
  • Educational Resources
  • And More

Not unlike your portfolios, Make Ads With Me will also be constantly be growing and improving. And of course, feedback is always welcome.