Designers For Hire

While Make Ads With Me’s main intention is for Copywriters and Art Directors partner up to concept new campaign ideas together, we understand that some Copywriters already have some completed ideas that just need a little design love. For this purpose, we put together a curated list of people we trust that are willing to help bring your campaigns to life (for a bit of moolah).

Their approximate hourly rates are below- pricing is subject to change per your exact design need- shoot them an email to see what it would cost to do your project!

Allison Navon – $60/hr

Shannon Smith – $60/hr

Greg Liccardi – $55/hr

Leonardo Arcoverde – $50/hr

Ryan Severe – 45/hr

Rob Johnston – 40/hr

Alex Bohner – 40/hr

If you’ve got some design chops and are interested in offering your services, shoot us an email!